Melvin’s history

Melvin Said:

  • Popcorn by Hot Butter
  • Hey! Still here? Run 2 is here for all of you to enjoy. Don't worry if you missd this one. I'll be performing again very soon.
  •  Hi all,


    Melvin just had his maiden run and things went very well. Some glitches still need to be fixed, but hey, who wouldn't get a bit nervous with a couple of hundred people breathing down your neck?


    Sadly, we had to intervene digitally a bit just now. Some bystanders figured out how to press Melvin's buttons (litterally) and we had to reset his database. We do hope you all forgive us.


    Next run will follow soon!

  • Popcorn by Hot Butter
  • Hi. Run 1 is here. You definitely need to get out more. Come round!